Haleys Vaping Project
Updated: 10/21/2018
Haleys Vaping Project
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  • Define the Problem
  • Wilson
  • You should vape with us, it's really easy and it makes you look cool
  • He does kinda look cool. Should I vape?
  • Sid
  • Me
  • Examine your Options
  • I could smoke with them or I could not smoke.
  • Consider the Outcome
  • If I try it I can get addicted but then I can also say I don't like it if I don't
  • I can not do it at all and I will not become addicted and could encourage them to quit but they could also push me out.
  • I can do it with them all the time i will become addicted but I will fit in.
  • Hi, my name is Tyrone and my friends, Wilson and Sid, vape. They say I should do it with them because it is easy, it is better than regular smoking, and tastes good. I don't know if I should vape with them or stay away from the tobacco.
  • Identify your Values
  • I am fitting in with the crowd by choosing to vape
  • My friends told me that it was easy and it makes you look cool but my parents always say that I should stay away from tobacco products because of the dangers.
  • Decide and Act
  • I will not vape with them
  • If I do vape I will fit in but I can also get addicted. If I just try it, I can say that I don't like it but I could still get addicted. If I don't vape i will be respecting my parents but I will not fit in.
  • Evaluate the Decision
  • We don't need you to tell us what to do
  • Leave us alone
  • I made they good decision by not vaping and you can stop if you want, but I am not vaping.
  • If I believe in pleasing my parents I will choose to not vape. If fitting in with the croud is important I will vape.
  • I am respecting and pleasing my parents by hanging out with family
  • I chose not to vape because spending time with family and showing my three younger sibling an my niece what the right this to do is more important than fitting in.
  • huh......
  • I made the good decision of not vaping whether my friends think it or not. We currently aren't friends but this is giving me a good chance to reconnect with my old cast members.
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