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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • 12 member crew
  • Cave
  • Cyclops
  • Odysseus started with a 12 member crew to find out what kind of men inhabited. They sailed across the coast of the mainland of Greece. Odysseus and his men heard voices of the giants.
  • Cave #2
  • The cave had a high roof, grew laurel shrubs, had many cattle, goats just resting around, and the cave was cold. Apollo gave us a wineskin full of wine. There were 3 baskets full with different cheeses.
  • Cyclops #2
  • The cyclops named Polyphemus drank three servings of wine. The wine overpowered cyclops and kinda hypnotized the giant and said "my name is Nobody, my parents named me this and my friends call me "Then".
  • Poseidon and Cyclops
  • My father, hear me if in the truth I am thy son. Grant me this prayer and may Odysseus never return to his own country.
  • The cave was very large, it was bigger than the ship all combined. Odysseus and his men found a great club green olive wood, Cyclops cut off 6 feet from the club and handed pieces to his companions.
  • Polyphemus called to the other from their own caves surrounded by mountains, as the giants heard him they ran and came to help.
  • Polyphemus raised his hands high to the heavens and prayed to Poseidon. As Polyphemus seized a large rock and threw it towards the ship. The rock fell in front of the ship and the waves brought Cyclops's back to shore.
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