Terrible Things Project by Haley Heiser
Updated: 3/18/2020
Terrible Things Project by Haley Heiser

Storyboard Description

This is a continuation of the allegory, "Terrible Things," by Eva Bunting from Little Rabbit's point of view. I decided to use some symbolism, and the four different animals stand for the four main axis powers; Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the U.S.A. The mouse stands for Great Britain because both are although small, should not be underestimated. The fox stood for France and if you notice the fox and the mouse say they'll help at the same time, such as Great Britain and France declared war on Germany at the same time.The bear is the Soviet Union because such as the country he is strong and big and thought he was invincible to the Terrible things, and if you notice, he decides to help after the fox and the mouse, due to the Soviet Union joined a few years later than them. Then of course the bald eagle is the U.S. It could be argued that in the original story the Terrible Things already took all the birds but, I made the eagle separate from them because such as the U.S they are extremely strong and of course the bald eagle is quite often associated with the U.S so I couldn't pass on the perfect symbolism, Furthermore, the eagle also takes the longest out of the animals to make up his mind on joining or not, such as the U.S took it's time in joining World War 2. I hope the comic is acceptable and thanks for reading it!

Storyboard Text

  • HALT!
  • After the Terrible Things shadows finally disappeared from sight, I dashed into the forest to warn the other creatures of the forest. I cannot let the other animals be blind to the horrible deeds of the Terrible Things.
  • I ran until finally reaching a clearing where many different animals laid. "Halt!" I cried, soon many different eyes laid on me, "I must warn you of the Terrible Things!" I was sure they would listen, But the animals laughed.
  • "Ha!" Chuckled the Bear, "They will not come for me, I am too big!""They will not come for me!" Said the Mouse, "I am so small that I won't matter and so wealthy that I'll survive.""They will not come for me," Said the Fox, "I am so sly that I'll get out of their nets before I'm even off the ground."
  • It is better to cry out for help than cower in fear.
  • "No you don't understand! I cried, "The Terrible Things will come for you no matter what! It doesn't matter of you're big and strong or small and rich or even sly! They will come for you and then it'll be too late!"
  • The animals pondered this. Until finally, the mouse and the fox said, "We'll help."Then the bear, "As will I."They all looked to the strong eagle who they knew they could not win the fight without but had stayed silent for so long until finally saying, "So will I."
  • My foot thumped with glee. They listened to me! They learned from me that I already knew: It is better to cry out for help than cower in fear. I was still grinning as we ran through the woods to warn others and protect who we can.