Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • "You're free-/ no serious charges made against you." line 501-502
  • Creon is sending the Guard away after bringing Antigone to him
  • "were you aware there was a proclamation/ forbidding what you did?" line 504-505
  • Creon is asking Antigone if she had heard the rule about Polyneices body. He is curious because it is strange for someone to act this boldly against the law.
  • Antigone knew the rules, but she wasn't going to let them stop her
  • "I'd heard of it." line 505
  • "And yet you dared to break those very laws? line 507
  • "I did not think/ anything which you proclaimed strong enough/ to let a mortal override the gods/ and their unwritten and unchanging laws." line 510-513
  • Antigone is saying that the rule against Polyneices was not made by Zeus. Her brother had rites which were created by the gods, and should not be disobeyed. She will not honor a law not created by the gods.
  • "Yes. Zeus did not announce those laws to me." line 508
  • Antigone believes that dying for being honorable is something worth dying for. And burying her brother was a worthy cause
  • "And if I have to die/ before my time, well, I count that a gain" line 521-522
  • How dare he think i am being insulted by this. I'm not in pain. This fool is charging me with foolishness.
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