political systems
Updated: 2/5/2020
political systems
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  • 1. Hey Liam how are you doing today?!
  • 3. Im good! Im here to ask if you could help me with my homework
  • 5. Alright so i have this class where we are going over political systems, but I have no idea what they are, or what they represent!
  • 6. Oh I see, well i can surely help you, i have some free time, and i completely understand all that, so lets get started!
  • 2. Hey Cathy! Im good hbu?
  • 4. YEAH! sure lets see what you got!
  • 1. okay so lets start with democracy! a democracy is a form of government that other people have the right to choose their government legislation.
  • 4. okay yeah! so in order for it to be called a democratic system, a society must provide equality voting rights. so like the U.S. and Great Britain and India are representative democracies.
  • 2. So do you understand what democracy is?
  • 3. well it sums it up a little but i'm still a little confused, do you think you can give me an example of what it is?
  • 1. okay so now we move onto Monarchy! Monarchy is a government system with a monarch at the head. so take for instance the royal family in England! Queen Elizabeth is a Monarch because she is the head of the government there.
  • 3. really Cathy i don't even know! probably somewhere in a corner contemplating life honestly! LoL
  • 4. LOL! yeah, you're probably right! sounds exactly like something i would do!
  • 2. WOW! that makes sense. and it really clears some of this stuff up. what would i do without your smart brain Liam?
  • 3. so a dictatorship is a government ran by a dictator. so a way to remember that is, think of all the jewish people and Adolf Hitler. which is a very bad guy.
  • 1. Now moving on to dictatorship, which isn't really that hard and i'll explain why.
  • 2. okay so lets hear it.
  • 5. alright well communism is i fell like the most hardest to remember. Communism is is a political and economic system that seeks to create a classless society
  • 1. now for the last one but certainly not least, Communism!
  • 2. welp and then there goes my grade.
  • 3. well no not necessarily, you'll be fine.
  • 4. okay so please enlighten!
  • well thank you so much Liam for helping me with my homework and letting me understand everything.
  • no problem Cathy, anytime you need help just holler at me!
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