brave new world
Updated: 12/10/2019
brave new world
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  • Daddy!!!!
  • Though when introduced john would have been thought to be a weakling, John Moves out of the town into a lighthouse to avoid the monstrosities of the dystopian era, he sticks to his beliefs and religion until the end which i believe to be truly and undoubtedly heroic. He does this to break the ties of uniformity, which in turn brings the town a step forward closer to freedom.
  • The government in "Brave New World" controls the conception statistics of babies by genetically modifying, and brainwashing them at a young age. If they do not take to the conditioning they are banished to the reservation. However, hypocritically, the governor conceives a child naturallly disregarding his own policies, and displaying corruption.
  • The citizens of this dystopian town are separted into 5 social classes which include; Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilons, and gammas. Each class was visibly segregated by the color they were supposed to wear. For example alphas wore gray.
  • Babies were genetically modified to be at 96 IDENTICAL twins at a time, they all dressed the same and acted them and were in the same scial class. This caused extreme amounts of uniforminty within the community.
  • People were not allowed to chose how to handle their education they were not allowed carrer choice, or even a choice of wardrobe. Nor were they given the freedom of speech and the opportunity to vote for their leaders.
  • In theory, a place with no crime no violence no arguments or heartbreeak or losses, sounds like a good place, they may even look well put together and in control, however when digging deeper it is easy to find all of the flaws and moraless things occurs behind the curtains.
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