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math 2
Updated: 3/10/2020
math 2
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  • LINEAR MATH QUESTIONS 2/3(5n-1)=3/5(n+2) 2/3x15(5n-1)=3/5x15(n+2) 10(5n-1)=15(n+2) 10x5n-1=15xn+2 10x+2-1x15=5n+n 20-15=6n 5=6n 5/6=6n/6 0.833=n
  • Ok Athar,so at the beginning you got rid of the fraction which is right but then after that,you forgot to apply distributive property to the bracket. after this, when we bring over the integer to the opposite side we change it's sign to the opposite sign, so remember to do that as well.
  • so now, just remember to apply distributive property and change the integers sign as you put it on the other side of the equation. let me show you my copy.
  • LINEAR MATH QUESTIONS2/3(5n-1)=3/5(n+2)2/3x15(5n-1)=3/5x15(n+2)10(5n-1)=9(n+2)50n-10=9n+1850-9n=18-1041n=-841n/41=8/41n=0.20
  • Ohhh, now I get it, than you!
  • This is what it should look like
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