Punic War
Updated: 12/7/2020
Punic War

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  • What cause of the Punic Wars (What were they fighting over?)
  • Summary of the 1st Punic War
  • Summary of the 2nd Punic War
  • The main cause of the Punic Wars was the conflicts of interest between the existing Carthaginian Empire and the expanding Roman Republic.
  • Summary of the 3rd Punic War
  • During the first Punic War, the Romans had a bad navy and had a good army. The enemies had the opposite. They were mostly fighting on water(Sea).
  • Effect of the Punic Wars
  • During the second Punci war, Hannibal was rhe enemies leader and tried to go through modern day France. The leader couldn't get passed the wall that Roman built.
  • During the third punic war the Romans took the fight to Cathage. When they got there they burned down and plantes salt.
  • Some changes that occuried inclued a shift in political influence and wealth to the senatorial class, peasent community dynamics were changing with many moving to the cities, while work and food became scacer.
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