Dark Romantic
Updated: 12/10/2020
Dark Romantic

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  • In the beginning, we get a background of all of the characters. Here we have pictured Dr. Heidegger (far left), Mr. Medbourne (middle), Colonel Kilgrew (middle right), Mr. Cascoigne (far right) and the lady they all used to swoon over, Widow Wycherly. They all liked her so much they were almost at the point of killing each other for her.
  • Soon after all of this, they all gather around the table where Dr. Heidegger asks his question... for them to all help with an curious experiment. When they heard this they thought it would be a silly old experiment and nothing to out there. He brings them the book of magic and shows them a flower and asks if they think it can bloom again. They all say no. It did in fact bloom again.
  • I am never doing that EVER .
  • He claims that the water that brought the flower back to life was from the fountain of youth. He then begins to pour it out and as his experiment he wants them all to drink it. They all drink it and feel seemingly younger.
  • Well I am
  • same
  • Once they all become young again the men turn right back into boys. They begin to fight over Widow Wycherly as they did in the 'good old days'. In the midst of doing this they end up knocking the water on the floor.
  • Soon, the effects begin to wear off. He looks arounf at the mess they have caused and sees they knocked the water over. After this Dr. Heidegger claims that he will never drink the potion again and that he learned his lesson.
  • Finally, he claims that he would not drink the water for anything after watching his guests and the way they acted. Before he had them drink the water he made them promise they would not make the same mistake as the first time. This did not last long because his guests vowed to travel to Florida and drink from the youth day and night.
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