Defense Mechanisms pt. 1
Updated: 2/14/2020
Defense Mechanisms pt. 1
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  • 1. Repression
  • I don't remember this shack... but everyone keeps saying I should. Something about a kidnapping? Hmm, whatever that means...
  • 1. Projection
  • Kevin has an irrational fear of benches so we have to keep walking.
  • 3. Displacement
  • Earlier that day Timmy was beaten by kids at school and called awful names.
  • What you forget can’t hurt you.
  • 4. Rationalization
  • My ankle was hurting all day... That's why I did so bad this game!
  • I was addicted to porn/sex so now I'm a priest.
  • You take what you think are unacceptable impulses and “project” them to others.
  • 5. Reaction Formation
  • Weren't you that guy that knocked over all the shelves because your mom bought KD instead of Annies?
  • Transferring your unacceptable feelings toward someone you’re supposed to love (or perhaps fear) onto a safer target.
  • 6. Denial
  • You use an excuse to justify an experience that reflects negatively on you.
  • You turn your unacceptable impulses into their opposite.
  • You deny having negative or harmful impulses; if you did, you'd be overwhelmed with anxiety.
  • No no no, that NEVER happened. I assure you. Wasn't me. At all.
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