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Rock Cycle
Updated: 8/16/2020
Rock Cycle
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  • Hello! I am Bob, an igneous rock. A while ago I was hot lava inside the volcano till I erupted and cooled to form myself.
  • I was broken down by the high winds which took me to this river. All I am is sediment.
  • I no longer want to be a lonesome sediment. I will meet new layers through sedimentation. However, this is quite uncomfortable!
  • If the magma reaches the surface, it is called lava, and when exposed to the air, it cools and hardens, forming an extrusive igneous rocks.
  • I am now a sedimentary rock! But oh my, it is extremely hot in here.
  • Rocks are broken down into smaller pieces through the process of weathering. This can be through the expansion and contraction from temperature changes, expansion of ice, water and wind, living plants or chemical reactions.
  • Oh no! I fell in the river.
  • After being deposited, the sediments undertake a process called sedimentation. Sediments are compacted and cemented together to become a sedimentary rock.
  • Because of the heat I was exposed to, I am now melting!
  • Sedimentary rocks are exposed to extreme heat and pressure below the earth's surface, in the mantle, to form metamorphic rocks.
  • After sediments have been broken up through weathering, they are carried away by water, wind or ice. This process is called erosion.
  • Metamorphic rocks that are exposed to intense heat and pressure can melt to become magma.
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