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Updated: 1/20/2020
Odysseus StoryBoards
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  • Athena convinces Zeus to let her and Hermes guide Odysseus’ family. She advises Telemachus to take control of his home from the suitors, and Hermes tells Kalypso to let Odysseus off the island.
  • Go on a journey!
  • Book 1: A Goddess Intervenes
  • Father, it's time to help Odysseus
  • Telemachus is given confidence by Athena and holds an assembly about the suitors and his upcoming journey to find news about his father. He leaves for Sparta.
  • Book 2: A Hero's Son Awakens
  • I will find news of my father!
  • Off to Sparta!
  • Telemachus arrives in Pylos where he asks the king, Nestor, about Odysseus. Nestor has no recent information about Odysseus' whereabouts, but he tells Telemachus about the story between Agamemnon and Menelaus.
  • Book 3: The Lord of the Western Approaches
  • Have you seen my dad?
  • I don't know where your father is... but have you heard of Agamemnon's tragedy?
  • The king and queen of Sparta recall and inform Telemachus about Odysseus' contributions in war. Telemachus learns that his father is being held captive on Calypso's Island. Meanwhile, the suitors conspire to ambus and kill Telemachus
  • Let's ambush and Kill Telemachus!
  • Book 4: The Red-Haired King and His Lady
  • Your father was a great man!
  • Have you seen my dad?
  • Calypso reluctantly allows Odysseus to leave herisland after being subjected by Zeus. On his way to Scheria, Poseidon creates a storm and nearly kills Odysseus. The Goddesses Ino, and Athena help him to safety
  • Book 5: Sweet Nymph and Open Sea
  • I will miss you!
  • How dare you!
  • After being washed ashore, Odysseus awakes and is discovered by beautiful maidens. With the help of Athena, he tidies up his appearance and is helped by Princess Nausica.
  • Please help me!
  • Book 6: The Princess at the River
  • Marriage...
  • Who is this scary stranger?
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