Updated: 1/15/2021

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  • DEC. 25
  • It's currently 2 am and I decided to write in my diary before it's too late. Hi, I'm Jelly Ledesma. So how would I start this. The thing is I have this little complication in my brain wherein I forget a certain portion of my memories in one day. Sometimes, I even forget someone who's special to me.
  • Basically, 20% of the events or the things that's happening to me in one day, I can totally forgot about it the next day. I have no control on what I want to remember and what I want to forget the next day. I'll just wake up and be surprised that I forgot so much. But that's fine because I have my friends who constantly reminds me each morning about the things I need.
  • Thankfully, they are not included in the 20% of the memories I forget. I'm currently taking my medicines to improve my condition but it seems that it's not effective on me.
  • It's scary because one day I might actually wake up with no memory of anything at all. Well I'm used to that fear but I don't think I'm even more afraid to forget because of someone who came into my life. He's my most treasured memory and I don't want to even get close to forgetting him the next day. So here I go again, I'm going to tell our story...starting from the top.