Buddha's Life
Updated: 5/14/2020
Buddha's Life

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  • Buddha was born in 563 BC in Lumbini,
  • I do
  • In 547 BC he married his cousin at the age of 16
  • I need to seek more than being a prince.
  • In 533 Buddha sees a dead man and has a realisation that people have little control over their lives and needed to seek more than just being a prince.
  • 528 BC - Buddha become enlightened after meditating for seven weeks and becomes a fully realised Buddha.
  • Dhamma is the way of life. You too can become enlightened
  • 527 BC - Over a short period of time Buddha converts thousands of people and gains a strong reputation.
  • All compounded things are ephemeral; work diligently on your salvation.
  • 483 BC - Buddha dies and passing into the state of Nirvana