My Documentary
Updated: 2/7/2020
My Documentary

Storyboard Text

  • I am going to begin my documentary by showing panoramas of the three locations I will be filming at throughout. While doing this I will be going over the purpose of the documentary and facts about obesity.'Obesity is one of the biggest causes of death in the world causing around 30,000 deaths a year. Its also the biggest link to other diseases such as heart disease and cancer. I will also add in a wind blowing sound effect.
  • I will then show a close up shoulder shot of me. 'I am, here to prove to you that fast food restaurants are more of a threat to our future than you realize. Follow me and I will show you'. I will then have the camera follow in an over the shoulder tracking shot for five seconds. I will add in some wind blowing and chatting sound effects afterwards to make my documentary sound more real.
  • I will begin my research in Newport I will walk down the main streets and find someone to interview and ask them a couple of questions.'If you could give an estimate How many deaths a year would you say obesity causes? What percentage of the population would you think is overweight?' This will last around 1 minute and be filmed in a two person shot.
  • I will then enter different fast food restaurants in Cardiff Barry and Newport and compare the people the healthy to unhealthy options on the menus and the calories involved in the items. I will use close up shots on the menus and food and eye level shots when i'm speaking.'As you can see here there are countless unhealthy options on this menu but not many healthy options. The prices are also extremely similar which allows people to be drawn towards the unhealthy option more. I will then briefly discuss the amount of money that fast food restaurants make each day.
  • I will then include some low angle shots of my feet while waking around Newport. I will also include some faint walking sound effects.
  • I will then discuss the amount of unhealthy food restaurants that there are in each location as there are many compared to healthy restaurants.'As you can see here there are at least four different fast food eating places in Newport and at least 3 in Cardiff and Barry. Because there are so many people keep being reminded while walking how easy it would be to eat something from them and they are each a five minute walk away from the main centers anyway. This makes them accessible so that people eat in them more.'