Sorrowful Tunes At The Lighthouse, By Hannah Cornale
Updated: 9/13/2018
Sorrowful Tunes At The Lighthouse, By Hannah Cornale
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  • It sounded like a saxophone, or maybe a clarinet.
  • Stay Away From Me Baby
  • We Shall Not Be Moved!
  • What's Behind The Green Door
  • When The Saints Come Marching In
  • See You Later Alligator
  • The Green Door
  • Stranger On The Shore
  • 'All the lighthouse keepers have been musical, the captain played the clarinet and my father played the saxophone. I play the violin. Do you play anything boy?'
  • But who was playing the music? And why did it make my feel so sad?
  • 'Yes, I play the flute"
  • Theses instraments could not have been played on friday night...
  • 'I've just had a radio message. The government are going to pull down the lighthouse. They have been talking about putting in a lighthouse that doesn't need to a keeper.'
  • It was saying something: It was speaking without words. It seemed to be calling me. The names of the tunes always seemed to have special meaning- a meaning just for me. It was the saddest and most beautiful, music I had ever heard. I got out of bed and looked out the window... The music seemed to be coming from the lighthouse!
  • 'My father died here. And my grandfather. I wanted to spend my last days here too.'
  • 'They just can't do that. They just can't.'
  • I didn't know what to think. Did the two graved have anything to do with the music and if they did why was the music so sad?
  • The ghost lived in the lighthouse and I had to talk to them...
  • The clarinet was playing itself. The saxophone was doing the same thing. They were both floating in mid-air. As I entered the room the music stopped and the instruments floated down and landed on the table. But only just a second ago I had seen floating instruments playing music. They were covered in dust and looked like they had not been played for a long time.
  • We'll meet again. Don't know where don't know when. But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.
  • It had to be ghosts, there was no other explanation...
  • One day, the government in charge and some excavators then it would all be gone forever.
  • Stan was so sad... Then it came to me, the two ghosts lived in the lighthouse. They didn't want it to be knocked down. So they played spooky music every time a stranger came to the island, that was their way of trying to scare people off.
  • 'They are coming next Friday. We are supposed to help them knock it down.'
  • 'Don't give up yet, Stan. We're not the only ones on this island. We can get some help to put up a fight for the lighthouse.'
  • Maybe I was talking to myself. Maybe there weren't any ghosts. Had I dreamed it all? I started to get angry... Then I heard the song 'We Shall Not Be Moved', and instruments were waggling from side to side. I knew the ghosts were now on my side.
  • THERE WAS NO REPLY 'You stupid ghosts. Don't you know that this place is going to be knocked down on Friday? Stan and I need your help. Playing music on Friday nights won't stop them."
  • 'Listen, guys, I know you are here and you can hear me. I'm your friend; I want to help you. I don't want the lighthouse to be knocked down. But I need your help.'
  • The wreckers were screaming and running down the track, including the bulldozer driver. They were scared to death of the ghosts. After a big fight between the wrecker, Stan and I we had saved the lighthouse. Although Stan had died the union said that the men would work on the island because it was too dangerous. So I guess that was it, we had won and saved the lighthouse.
  • I knew Stan was dead. But I know that one day I would go up to the music room and see a clarinet and saxophone floating in the air as usual, but this time would also be a violin accompanying them.
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