Updated: 8/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • ive got big hands!
  • Melody can be a handful...
  • Roll Over, Melody
  • Mrs V was Melody’s neighbour, When Melody was born Mrs V wasn’t scared to hold Melody when she was a baby. Mrs V didn’t believe in labels.
  • When Mrs V offered to babysit Melody, Melody’s Dad Warned that she was a handful “I have big hands!” Mrs V replied
  • When Mrs V started babysitting melody she taught her how to roll over and crawacross the room
  • Mrs V asked Melody “would you rather walk or talk?” Melody pointed to talk on her board. Later Mrs V made Melody a new board with all the letters numbers and colours
  • Mrs V and Melody had a secret. She always gave Melody Dessert before dinner. Melody always ate both yummy and healthy foods
  • Mrs V and Melody were sitting out in the rain and Mrs V told melody stories about the clouds. Then she pushed melody through the rain and they got soaked.