Updated: 12/12/2017
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  • In the garden there was police every where, sirens you could here all the way down the road and there was tape being put up everywhere saying "danger keep out."There lay Blair's body on top of a pile of bricks under a big oak tree in her garden. Next to her Blair's step-sister Georgina, her dad Dan and step-mum holly where crying there eyes out.
  • A couple of days later we found out that Blair had been pushed on purpose she was murdered. We have also found out that Blair and Louise her bestfried had an argument over a boy because Blair ditched Louise to go to prom with this boy instead of Louise. Also Louise wanted some of Blair's money.
  • At the scene of the crime there was high heel shaped marks and a piece of red fabric of a dress on the oak tree where Blair fell. We also spotted that there was lots of scraping marks on the tree like someone has tried to grab and hold on that's is why we are now treating this as a murder investigation. 
  • We recently found out Georgina and blair where fighting over who got the most attention, money and Georgina wanted Blair's boyfriend Jake. There is also the question that Georgina had black heels on the day Blair was pushed.
  • Also it turns out Holly Blairs step mum was also wearing black high heels and a red flowing dress. Holly would get more money from Blair's dad and Georgina would get the money Blair's mum left her so they both actually benefit from Blair being murdered.
  • "I am sorry to have to tell you this but it turns out Blair was murdered by her step sister Georgina because she wanted revenge on Blair for stealing here boyfriend a couple of years ago, she also wanted all the attention, money and blairs boyfriend Jake. Georgina did it by convincing her to come up in the tree and pushing her out of it fully aware there was bricks below. but there where faults in her plan like her dress ripping on the tree and the heel marks where very pacific to the ones she was wearing and i'm sorry to tell you Blair suffered several head injury's so she died quickly" said the policeman. 
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