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Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Friendship quality
  • 1.) Hey Ali, wanna come to the mall with Olivia and I after school?
  • 3.) It doesn't scare me, it is not a sign of terror, but rather a bold statement of her morals. There is nothing wrong with it
  • 2.) That is not a good idea, her hijab will scare people.
  • Bad friendship quality
  • 1.) Let's get some burgers! I'll buy!
  • 3.) Actually it isn't........
  • 2.) No offense, but isn't this like against your religion, to ya know eat meat.
  • What is a friend?
  • Hey Macy, I have had such a roller coaster of a week.
  • Girl tell me everything, the good and the bad!
  • Macy asks Ali to go to the Mall after school. Olivia Tells Ali that is is not a good idea cause her Hijab scares people. Macy defends her, even though her and Olivia are close friends.
  • Olivia insults Ali and puts no offense after to try and make it any less hurtful. She doesn't take into consideration Ali's feelings. Olivia shows a quality of someone who isn't a good friend.
  • A friend is someone that accepts you for who you are and is willing to stick with you through your struggles and blessings.