Algebra II polynomials
Updated: 10/3/2018
Algebra II polynomials
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  • Hey Ethan! Could you help me with my math homework? Its about the Greatest Common Monomial Factor.
  • Sure, the equation is: -39m^3+26m^2+13m
  • First, change it into standard form. in this case, it is already in this form.
  • Then, find the GCF of the coefficients. 13=13*1, 26=13*2
  • The GCF, which is 13, is placed outside the parenthesis with the common variable, in this case, m.
  • Then place the remaining numbers and variables inside the parenthesis and you are done! The answer is= 13m(1+2m-3m^2)
  • Great! Thanks a lot, Ethan!
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