Updated: 9/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • We should go whaling tomorrow. We'll need the food for this coming Winter. I hope we're not late for the Puritan meeting. I don't need another punishment.
  • New England Colonies
  • I hope Anne and Roger are doing ok. They shouldn't have been kicked out.
  • I hope so too. We also need wood, iron, and rum to sell.
  • The new fur, lumber, and iron is bringing in a ton of money for all of us.
  • Get back here! Thank god it isn't too hot.
  • Middle Collonies
  • The religious diversity here is a blessing. I am so glad I'm not in the other colonies. I hope the fish catch was good today. That is my favorite meal.
  • Yellow fever and malaria are ripping up the towns. We need a cure.
  • Southern Colonies
  • How did these pigs escape again?! We need their meat! Thank Oglethorpe I saw them.
  • Thank Oglethorpe for tobacco. This stuff saved us from disaster. It is way too hot right now.