Updated: 7/22/2020
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  • Hi Jake, it's because of this mean girl called Sandy
  • Then, this trip we must take our revenge!
  • Hi Mike, what happened? Why do you have bruises on your face?
  • OH Sandy! that girl she always makes fun of me in front of the whole students in the playground.
  • We should start planning our revenge.
  • Yes Chloe, Sandy insults me everyday in front of the whole class
  • yes Kim, this girl is so mean! she usually bullies me by making fun of my skin color and my body shape.
  • who is there?!!!
  • !!!!NOISEE!!!!
  • Calm down Sandy this messages is just some silly pranks. What if these messages are true! Am I going to die alone,no one will care about my death!I feel that I am suffocating,I am going to breathe some fresh air
  • keep going mike these noise she is getting afraid.
  • After a while the boys left but the creepy man continued with more scarier sound
  • Why don't I use their pranks for advantage.
  • !!!!NOISEE!!!!
  • In a high school, there was a mean girl called Sandy. She was bullying weak and calm students.They were afraid from her because she was tough and ruthless.
  • Guys, we just have received threatening messages like that we had sent to Sandy. Are you both scaring us?!
  • YES! They started to feel afraid
  • I felt that too, as someone is coming behind me to kill or kidnap me
  • one day, the school arranged a trip to a camp in the forest.- When they arrived,they felt that the owner of the camp was creepy man.
  • I keep receiving weird notes and hear very scary sounds
  • Yes, I agree it's not funny!
  • I don't feel safe in this place
  • While, I was talking to my mother, I felt that someone was stalking me
  • psycho man leave her come a man to man
  • I am the one that should be sorry for my bad attitude. Really,I learned the meaning of friends. Please accept my apology.
  • From the first day, Sandy started getting threatening messages. that she won't return again, no one will remember her and she will die alone. Unfortunately,the creepy owner saw their pranks.Sandy started to feel that there was someone behind her stalking or is going to kill her.
  • RUNNN!!
  • pleasee help mee!
  • We are sorry Jack for doubting you
  • OH! stupid teenagers,but you know what thank you a lot your pranks helped me scaring yo all effortless. Ok where was I ? YES KILLING YOU ALL!!
  • They all started to be afraid and feel that someone is watching them
  • as well as me I am not going to joke in something silly like that!
  • I swear its not me I also received one!
  • Guys, you should stop this it is annoying
  • Yes, so that, you will be with the strong girl not some losers
  • you might make a plan with Sandy against us.
  • I swear its not me, don't look at me like this,why would I do that?!
  • STOPPP ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!
  • But, he ran to distract the man. So, Sandy could run, then he ran with them till they found a policeman that arrested the psycho man before he could hurt anyone.
  • Suddenly, they found a psycho man who is the owner of the camp is running after Sandy to kill her. They started screaming so anyone could call the police. They had to rescue Sandy first then run.Jake hesitated for seconds
  • sorry, Sandy for scaring you. We only wanted to prank you.
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