Updated: 5/2/2020

Storyboard Description

this is how the 4 spheres of the earth interact with each other.

Storyboard Text

  • Hmmm... but technically clouds are still tiny drops of water vapour which means that its still part of the hydrosphere?
  • Hey Enrique! Notice how the sun causes the water in the hydrosphere to be apart of the clouds in the atmosphere?
  • Check out this little hut I made using the help of the hydrosphere and the geosphere!
  • Crazy how just dirt and water can make a sort of glue for out hut!
  • Wow! Look at how all 4 of the sphere's can help these crops grow! The hydrosphere keeps the soil in the geosphere moist.
  • Yea! And then the atmosphere give the crops carbon dioxide to grow! Then us, as the biosphere, comes and eats it all!