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Julie of the wolves part 1 scenes
Updated: 4/2/2019
Julie of the wolves part 1 scenes
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Julie interacting with the wolves

Storyboard Text

  • Long minutes passed.and the black wolf did not look at her.he had ignored her since she first came upon them
  • "Please look at me Amaroq"
  • Now as that fear overcame her again she closed her eyes.When she opened them her heart skipped with excitment.Amaroq was looking at her!
  • "Ee-lie"
  • The black puppy was looking at her and wagging his tail.Hopefully,Miyak held out a pleading hand to him and his tail wagged harder.The mother rushed to him and stood above him sternly. 
  • Miyak Whisperd. "But you're much too beautiful.I shall call you silver instead."
  • "i should call you Martha after my stepmother"
  • Amraq's eyes shot to Silver,then to the gray wolf named Nails.These glances seemd to be a summons for silver and nails.Amraoq wagged his tail furiously and took each wolves snout into his mouth.
  • "hello Jello" Miyak Whispered as he reminded of the quivering gussak
  • "Ee-lie",Okay" "il'll learn to roughhouse then you'll accept me and feed me."
  • Kapu looked over his shoulder in surprise.He wagged his tail and jumped on jello.After a long time miyak decided they werent talking that they were roughhousing.Miyax then changed her find that roughhosuing was very important to wolves.
  • As Myax scurried to Jello,he hesitated,growling softly.Myax grunted the note and slipped her hand over his head and clapsed the top of his nose firmly in her fingers.Kapu as he understood then came over sweeping up to jello and nuzzled his mouth.Jello heaved up and deposited food on the ground.
  • "i'll live! I'll live!"
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