Updated: 10/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In an airplane...
  • Hmm....
  • Excuse me ma'am. Do you know how to speak in english?
  • Forgive me sir, my mother does not speak in English fluently.
  • *in japanese* Darling, are you talking to that man?
  • *in japanese* Yes,mother. He wants to talk to you.
  • Can you tell her that I want to talk to her?
  • Hajimemashite!*bows her head as sign of respect*
  • *in japanese*He asked you if you have ever been to the Philippines.
  • We're pleased to see you, sir!
  • Good day, ma'am! Have you ever been to the Philippines?
  • *in japanese* It's our second time going to the Philippines.
  • No, sir. It's our second time going to Philippines
  • Great! Do you mind if I come along with you?
  • *in japanese*Sure thing! It would be fun.
  • *in japanese*He wants to explore with us.
  • I want to have a companion who knows about the place.
  • It's fun in the Philippines!
  • *in japanese*I had a lot of fun back then. I want to experience that again.
  • My mother said that we are pleased to travel along with you.
  • We enjoyed the last time we were here.
  • I've heard that. That's why I want to explore Philippines.