Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I wonder what mortal inventors are doing... I'm gonna take a look!
  • Tesla seems interesting...
  • Break time!
  • Did you hear that Phil got COVID?
  • I have seen the ways you disregard the safety of your employees and needlessly disobeyed the rules that were set in place. You believed yourself better than making the decision on safety over your government and over your gods.
  • Yeah, well, what do you expect? Musk opened the factory even when told not to, He chose to come back to work
  • It's not like Phil could just stay home. His hours would have gotten cut. Now it's probably going to happen anyways since he won't be able to do as much once he gets back.
  • This doesn't seem right.... I'm going to pay the leader of this company a visit.
  • Aaah!! Who are you?
  • In your pride, you have endangered the lives of too many. For this, you will pay dearly.
  • Please don't hurt me, Lord Hephaestus...