Persian War Storyboard
Updated: 2/5/2020
Persian War Storyboard
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  • Greco-Persian Wars
  • We are here to take over all of Ionia!
  • Oh no! Get the guards!
  • Okay, I'll get the troops.
  • I got a letter from Ionia. They've been attacked!
  • Ha! We won!!
  • The other city-states will pay!
  • Persians took over the Greek city-states in Ionia (Asia.)
  • Battle of Marathon
  • Ionians revolted against Persians, with help from other city-states like Athens.
  • Attack!!
  • In 499 BCE, the Persians defeated the Ionians and decided to punish the other city-states on mainland Greece for helping Ionians.
  • Battle of Salamis
  • You'll be safe behind this wooden wall.
  • Darius sent a Persian fleet across the Aegean Sea to the city of Marathon.
  • Persians decided to attack Athens directly because they wouldn't move; they ended up loosing.
  • Oracle at Dephi said Greeks would be safe behind a "wooden wall", but Athenian General Themistocles believed "wooden wall" meant fleet of the ships and that they needed to challenge the Persians at sea.
  • Okay I'll get the ships ready.
  • That's not what I-
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