Updated: 5/19/2020

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  • HI, My name is jack. Im great. Thanks for asking. lets get each other phone number
  • Sure!!!
  • Hi, how are you? My name is harsh. Whats your name?
  • You would use tan. the answer would be 4.0 if rounded to nearest tenth.
  • sure!!! Whats the question
  • If were standing 5 feet apart and angle of elevation from you feet to my head is 39 degrees. what would be my height
  • Hi, I had a question for math. Will you help me?
  • Thanks for helping!!! I was struggling in trig but you made it seem easy.
  • Thanks
  • no problem
  • Of course any time. If you need help i will be there
  • Hi, Good Morning
  • Correct!!! Good Job!! Youre going to ace that exam i promise.Good Luck
  • Sure!!!!
  • Good luck to you too
  • Hi, Good Morning. Before we go in to take the exam, i had a quick question on sin cos tangent
  • I just wanted check if i did it right!! if we were standing 6ft apart and my height is 35ft. what is the angle of elevation?The answer would be 5.8 to nearest tenth
  • Great!!!
  • How was your exam?
  • Great! How was yours?
  • Do you know your grades for exam?
  • we are going to be best friend forever!!!
  • me too
  • No i hope i got good grades
  • Thankyou for being my best FRIEND. You know i know every details of how we met. We met in church 5ft apart with an angle of elevation of 50 degrees so thats mean that my height would be 5.9 to nearest tenth