the tell-tale heart comic strip
Updated: 12/11/2020
the tell-tale heart comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Hi. My name is Edgar Allan poe the narrator of this story before you start to read I just want you to know im not crazy if anything im the totall opposite. Yes im am about to muder this sweat old man but it is because of his eye if you saw his eye you would want to murder him to
  • Ooaaaah...
  • Before you call me evil I treated the sweet old man so nice for 8 days till the day I killed him despite his Nasty evil eye so as you can see im not crazy.
  • Would you like some more tea my good sir ?
  • Yes I would love that you good man.
  • As you can see I love this guy he is acttuly really nice! but I have made up my mine to take this olds man life. I don't want his money I don't want ANYTHING of his its just his creppy eye the freaks me out. so YES I DO have to kill him to "rid myself of the eye forever".
  • That young fella is so nice he pours me hot tea just the way I like it he checks up on me he even rents my spare room he is so nice he's like a son to me 
  • Every night for a week, I would creep into his room as he slept with my lantern to see if I could shin my light on his Nasty eye. But on the eighth night It was different, I opened my lantern so I could shin on his eye that I sensed would be opened but the old man had woken and I froze I could not move.
  • Thump! Thump! Thump!........
  • But out of no where I through the lantern leaped in to the room and shrieked him once only once I scared the naighboorsr would have heard us so I dragged him to the floor and pulled the heavy bed over him and smiled to find this evil deed done. I know you think im crazy but could you blame me this was the perfect time to kill this man because of his nasty eye. but then I heard a knock on the door below........
  • Knock!Knock!
  • There has been some suspicion of foul play around here and we just want to search around here if that okay with you.
  • I explained everything to the officers and they believed me. Then we all heard the old man gasp for air or at least I heard it or maybe I did not but what if they heard it and I did not, what if they know what I did, what if they're laughing at me, why cant I breathe, I'm scared, are they looking art me? maybe I am crazy honestly I don't know I cant even think straight I thought to myself I have to them and out of an blink of an eye I admitted to the bad deed.
  • NO MORE! NO MORE! I admit to the deed it was me. The poor old man is under those planks. I ADMIT I ADMIT!
  • yes there was a loud thump heard by your neighbor during the night