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Wonder Woman, A hero journey Part 1
Updated: 2/25/2019
Wonder Woman, A hero journey Part 1
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By Harneet Sidhu

Storyboard Text

  • Wonder Woman Introduction
  • Diana Hippolyta Antiope
  • Training Of Diana (
  • Diana  Antiope (aunt)
  • Call To Action With Army
  • Wonder Woman created on Amazon Island. Wonder Woman main character was Diana. She was five years old. She looked cute, lovely and brave girl. She had long hair, black eyes. Diana's mom was a name Hippolyta, and her aunt was a name Antiope.
  • Steve Friends And Diana
  • When Diana was a teenager, her aunt Antiope gave training about the war with the sword. Diana's mom Hippolyta, She doesn't want to gave training her.
  • War Of German Army And Diana
  • Diana wants to kill Ares because Ares killed a lot of peoples. Diana saved Captain Steve on the Thymescira. The army followed him, but Diana saved him. On the war, Diana's aunt died. After the war, Diana had left her mom. She went with Steve to the German on the ship. When they both reached there. Diana got to meet Steve Secretary (Etta Candy). Etta Candy was help for shopping in the Mall.
  • Diana And Lunderdor Off
  • Diana
  • After the shopping,  Steve and Diana were walking and unfortunately, someone attacked them. Again, Diana saved them and steve friends there. He helped her with everything.
  • Steve, Steve Friends Diana
  • Diana was a very honest girl. She wanted to help poor, glorious and honest peoples then She fought with the German army. She ran for war, but Steve stooped her for the war. She didn't stop for war. Diana won the war and She killed numberless of armies.
  • German Armies and Diana
  • Wonder Woman awful character was Lunderdor off. He was a German Solider guy.Dr. Maru helped him to destroy everything. Dr. Maru made a different type of gas. Diana knew about the Lunderdor off. Diana was thinking, Lunderdor off was Ares. All of sudden, She killed lunderdor off.
  • Lunderdor off
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