Updated: 4/8/2021

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  • Character Details: A kid named Juan and he plays basketball and is really tall and fast
  • Juan wasn't very good at basketball at first. He wasn't very athletic and wasn't very fast or strong. But one day Juan didn't want to be slow anymore so, Juan decided to go work out at a local gym in his area.
  • When Juan went to the gym he saw Treadmills, Weights, and Box jump. Juan started with the tread mills first, he started by 2 speed 3 speed 4 speed then 5 speed 10 was the max and Juan couldn't do 10 so he just stuck with 5 for a while. After doing the treadmill for a few minutes he started to do box jump because Juan couldn't jump that high. He would do normal height 20 times then would do high height 20 times and did 2 reps with it. Now Juan started lifting some weights because he doesn't have enough strength to put a ball into a basket. he would move up to 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 and to 50.
  • At the next day of school Juan decided to tryout for his school's basket ball team. Juan was fast he could jump about 5 feet in the air which was higher than anyone else on the team and Juan actually make his jump shot either from 3 point or even 2 point range! At the end of the day he asked the coach if he was on the team and the coach said yes. Juan was so thrilled to be on the team.
  • After a few days of practice Juan was exited to play his first basket ball game. Juan had to try and block this guy named Cody. Cody was a big kid but not that very fast. Cody could block balls like nothing. But Juan didn't let Cody scare him away from going to the championship. When the game started Cody's team got the ball first and got a point immediately. Juan went for 2 points and made it. Cody's team went for 3 points but missed. Juan's team went for 3 points and made it so Cody's team started to get aggressive and started to play harder and they kept making points. When it hit halftime Juan didn't think they where gonna win anymore but his teammate gave him a pep talk.
  • After halftime Juan played even harder than anyone on the court. He was making these crazy shots he was making all his 3 points and his 2 pointers. The score was 43 to 43 there was 5.0 left on the clock and it was Juan's team had the ball his teammate passed the ball to Juan and right before the clock went off he scored a half court shot. Now that Juan had scored the half court shot Juan and his team get to go to the championship!