little Hans case study
Updated: 3/9/2021
little Hans case study

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pay case study little Hans

Storyboard Text

  • Little Hans is a 5 year old boy had a phobia of horses, this came from seeing one fall down in the street outside of his house. Feud wanted help him
  • feud and Little Hans's Dad exchanged letters and Feud was telling how to help his son.
  • feud analysed little Han's dream and said that he was showing anxiety that is mum would leave. this links to Feuds theory of Oedipus complex in phallic stage
  • little Hans dreamed about his mum leaving him
  • Feud analysed this dream and said that the big giraffe was little Han's Dad and the crumpled one was little Han's Mum. the dream also showed little Hans wanting to take his mum away from his dad
  • little Hans had another dream this time about Giraffes. In the dream there was a big giraffe and a crumpled one. The big giraffe shouted out because little hans took the crumpled one away
  • feud and Little Han's Dad continued to write and finally feud came to a conclusion
  • in conclusion, Han's phobia of horses, represented Han's father and the fear showed the Oedipus complex in action .