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billionaire boy
Updated: 9/10/2020
billionaire boy
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • eetswa
  • Rising Action
  • i have no friends :(
  • Joe Spud and his dad Len live together by themselves on a tight wage and can barely afford to survive. having nothing but home made toilet roll statue presents for Christmas.
  • Rising Action
  • Len Spud becomes rich by inventing bum fresh and revolutionising the toilet paper industry by making a toilet paper with one side dry and one side moist after working in the toilet paper industry all his life
  • Climax
  • rajsnewsagent
  • Joe loses his friends after moving to the worlds most expensive school and his dad becoming known as bum fresh man which gives Joe the same name
  • Falling Action / Resolution
  • Joe moves to a public school to try and be a normal kid and meets his first friend Bob after being picked on by the school bullies for being new, then soon meets a cute girl named Lauren he falls in-love with.
  • yo g u good
  • Joe runs away to Raj's after finding out his dad paid for Lauren to go to school and be his friend, then he goes to bobs house to apologise for being so obsessed with Lauren and for not being nice to him
  • Joes goes home because his dad Len spuds company bum fresh was getting sued making toilet paper that made peoples bums go purple and swollen. He loses all of his money and stuff and falls in-love with bobs mum, moves in to her house and marries her
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