media 2
Updated: 1/28/2021
media 2

Storyboard Text

  • shot 7
  • shot 8
  • shot 9
  • she sees a gap in the air that shines really bright. it blocks the view in front of her but when she looks around it all is normal. she begins to see some scenery appear and decides to step through. this is a long shot and no camera movement. diegetic sound only
  • shot 10
  • as she steps through more scenery appears and she hears some echoed voices. one stood out because it said her name softly.
  • shot 11
  • she steps through and finds herself in a field. she does not recognize it and any of the surroundings. she turns around to find the window-like slice no longer there.
  • shot 12
  • she turns and looks down to find a couple of books and a key. she has no idea how they got there as they do not belong to her. one of the books was locked and the key looked like it fit. she gets down and takes a look at the book closely.
  • she sees it's called 'window jumping' and is written by her parents. she opens the book and starts looking through it until she comes across a chapter that says 'returning through a window jump'. she starts to read it to herself then says 'i need to do this'