History (How the Romans built their roads)

Updated: 5/5/2020
History (How the Romans built their roads)

Storyboard Text

  • Miss he's been sick on my shoe!
  • miss Ben's gotten car sick again.
  • Oh dear I think we should pull over
  • humph
  • Come on everybody out of the bus were going to have a short stop
  • hey Tom wanna go chat somewhere less crowded?
  • Well since your the genius in the class I was wondering why the road is so strait?
  • What is it you wanted to talk about?
  • Oh please do go on!
  • Well you see I looked on the map and i saw that we were on a roman road which is very interesting. Because they were ahead of their time. Now if you don't mind me talking I would like to tell you how they started making roads.
  • Ave Emperor Trajan
  • The Emperor Trajan ordered his men to start building roads as a way for his army to move across Britain quickly.
  • I emperor Trajan demand you to build roads in Britain!
  • Ave Emperor Trajan
  • It was harsh to be a slave building the roads. for the centurions were cruel and the weather didn't help their mood either.
  • oi you stop slogging no food until after we've finished today! And give me that bread!