Updated: 2/29/2020

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  • another boring old day of frindle mania
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Are you guys ready for your spelling test???
  • Yes
  • frindleicecreamdonutappleteacherschool
  • spelling test
  • Life did settle back to normal in WestfieldBut it still doesn't mean that the word was gone. It was still there.
  • I am so happy!!!My factory is working so hard:)
  • Every week the first word on top of Mrs grangers list was a pen. Every week each kid spelled it F.R.I.N.D.L.E.
  • Everyone in fifth grade got at least one word wrong on his or her spelling test.
  • How was it like to ride a limousine???
  • It was amazing!!!
  • Bud Lawrence could not have been happier.There were frindle shirts and sunglasses and erasers and notebooks and dozens of other items.The new line of frindles was imported from Japan.
  • Nick was sort of a celebrity for a while. Everybody had seen him on the late show, good morning America show and on two or three other shows.
  • John and Chris kept asking how it was like to ride a limousine.