walkies 2
Updated: 2/20/2021
walkies 2

Storyboard Text

  • S: Medium trackingL: 5 secondsA: Baxter introduces us to homeVFX: warm colouring
  • S: medium stable L: 6 secondsA: We are shown the boys relaxing on the couchVFX: warm colouring
  • S: medium closeL: 6 secondsA: They boys show us where they eatVFX: warm colouring
  • S: medium closeL: 8 secondsA: the boys beg for food off of humansVFX: warm colouring
  • S: Medium closeL: 12 secondsA: Baxter tries not to drink from toilet bowl. waiting for leaveVFX: red colour filter and frame zoom on the toilet
  • S: Panning mediumL: 7 secondsA: The boys leave to go to madre'sVFX: warm colouring