walkies 4
Updated: 2/20/2021
walkies 4

Storyboard Text

  • S: medium shotL: 8 secondsA: Baxter getting out of bedVFX: Warm colour, lowkey lighting
  • S: Pan down mediumL: 4 secondsA: Baxter running down stairsVFX: warm colour
  • S: Medium tracking fwd to close up O.t.sL: 15 secondsA: Baxter goes to window boredVFX: warm colour
  • S: Medium O.t.s focus shift from lead to baxterL: 6 secondA: Baxter realises hes going on a walkVFX: warm colour
  • S: Close medium shotL: 8 secondsA: Baxter notifies frank of the walkVFX: warm colour
  • S: medium shotL: 10 secondsA: The boys get ready to leaveVFX: less warm colour