Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • I announce the April thesis: The overthrow of the Provisional Gov, end to war, all power to the soviets, land given to peasants and state control of factories and banks
  • Lenin returned from Switzerland in 1917 and issued the April Thesis
  • July Days: Response in failure to the June offensive, widespread mutiny in armies and strikes in cities. Bolsheviks supported this but did not lead it.
  • seize power!
  • Kornilov Affair August 1917 - Genreal Kornilov moved troops to Petrograd due to growing unrest. Kerensky (PM) feared a military takeover and asked the Bolsheviks for help. Bolshevik leaders released from prison and factory workers given weapons. PG weak
  • Rise in Bolshevik Support September- Bolshevik membership rose to 200,000 with the party producing 41 different newspapers across Russia. 10,000 Red Guards recruited in Petrograd factories. By end of month Bolsheviks had majority in Soviet, becoming more powerful
  • October preparations- 16th October: Petrograd Soviet set up MRC to protect Soviets against possible German invasion. Chaired by Trotsky and used as cover for planning seizure of power. 24th-26th Oct Bolsheviks take power after Lenin feared PG were clamping down on them. Winter Palace seized, Trotsky fled.
  • 25th October: Delegates from All Russian Soviet began to meet at Smolny Institute. Next day, Lenin announced PG had been overthrown. Bolshevik Revolutionaries had 180 seats. Takeover complete
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