The knight

Updated: 5/21/2020
The knight

Storyboard Text

  • Two knights captured by Theseus
  • Their lover
  • Arcite lovesick
  • I miss Emilie
  • Palamon and Arcite have been captured as prisoners by Thesus and these men are not enjoying their time until one day
  • They meet again
  • How do we decide who gets emilie
  • You should fight for her
  • Palamon sees a beautiful called Emilie and shows arcite and both of the immediately fall in love with her
  • The fight
  • Arcite is released from the jail by Theseus but is told he can never come back to Athens meaning he cant see Emilie which leaves him upset
  • Arcite was missing Emilie so came back and on the same day palamon escaped from the jail. As they were arguing about emilie Theseus come back from hunting and tells them they should fight for her
  • After palamon Prayed to the god of love he defeated arcite in battle meaning the emilie was his.