christmas carol ch.5
Updated: 2/11/2020
christmas carol ch.5

Storyboard Text

  • I am scared of you,but i know that you want to help me
  • Scene 1:Another phantom was coming towards scrooge.It was tall and silent.Scrooge could not see its face or its body because it was wearing long,black clothes and black hood.
  • Scene 2:The scene of the exchange.Their was three businessmen their pocket were full of money.They often jingled the money in their money.
  • Scene 3:They went to a poor city that was dirty and rubbish was every where and their was bad smells. The quarter was full of dangerous criminals.
  • Scene 4: The maid and the house keeper stole from Scrooge things and they felt no shame or guilt and they hang them to old Joe.
  • SCENE 5: Scrooge watched it in horror.The ghost pointed at his head but Scrooge could not pull down the sheet and look at the dead man face.He was shaking with terror.
  • I understand you but i don't want to do it
  • Scene 6:The spirit led him to a grave.He went near it,trembling.Before i look at the name he said can you answer me one question is it really necessary for these things to happen or are they only possible?