Fantasy storyboard
Updated: 6/6/2020
Fantasy storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • A girl named Celeste and her friend twins, Pixie and Dixie, gather supplies to save a magical land, save villagers who are being held captive, and take down an evil which called, Elvina.
  • While they are travelling through an enchanted forest, Celeste, Pixie and Dixie find a boy named Easton and a dog called Kelpie, tied to a tree trunk.
  • Celeste uses her laser powers to free them both, and they continue on their journey. With lots more help this time.
  • Celeste, Easton, Kelpie, Pixie and Dixie, make their way to a magical waterfall so they can find a key to unlock all the villagers that are being held captive, in Elvina’s dungeon.
  • When they all get there Pixie and Dixie split the water in half to let Celeste and Easton walk through easily to get to the key.
  • Celeste and Easton try to collect the key, but there are guards in the way blocking the key. Easton uses his powers and turns the guards into stone, while Celeste gets the key.