Mountaless <3
Updated: 3/23/2020
Mountaless &lt;3

Storyboard Text

  • What to climb
  • Whats out the window
  • Leaf climbing
  • William laid in his flax bed thinking of what to do. Maybe he could climb a volcano but no, that's to dangerous to do.
  • Climb the bricks
  • William went down stairs for his breakfast. After he had finished he went and got changed, but when he was getting changed he noticed a pile of leaves outside his window that he could climb on.
  • Pele, Goddess of Volcano's
  • So he went outside to climb on them, but when he stepped on top of them they all just flatted to the ground.
  • Mountain arrived
  • He thought that if he got bricks and stacked them a then he could climb on top of them. So he ran around the back of his house and got some bricks. He put them in a barrel and ran around to the front of the house and started stacking. Crash they all came down.
  • He sat on the grass annoyed with what had happened,but something caught his eye. There was lava flowing out of the volcano he wanted to climb, and there was a Goddess fighting with Pele the Goddess of Volcano's. They were fighting because the other Goddess wanted to put something right where Pele stood.
  • Once the fight settled down, the other Goddess called for William. She told him that her name was Mountaless, and she said that she would make something for him to climb and that was Mountains.