The Unknown World: Introduction
Updated: 5/30/2020
The Unknown World: Introduction
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Over 18-years-ago there was a war between the mystical creatures of the beloved Kingdom of Aargon, a place in a different world where only magical beings are allowed, the war was fought between all magical creatures including Cyclops, Minotaurs, Witches, Mermaids, Vampires, Werewolves and more. And what were they fighting for you may ask? POWER! And lots of it. There were rumors going around the kingdom suggesting that the King and Queen were expecting a baby. King Tarrant, a strong and powerful Demon from the depths of hell, and his wife, Queen Zarina, a beautiful and kindhearted Angel from the heavens, were having a baby and knew that the gift they would give her would anger everyone. After the baby was born she was gifted the rarest necklace in the land. It possessed great power and could only be used by her and her alone. The creatures heard of the profound gift and were displeased, while some stayed by there King others rebelled against him. One night a week after the unnamed baby ( They wanted to pick a perfect name for her) was born when the palace was set ablaze. The rebelling creatures wanted the family dead and to take the Princess's necklace. The King and Queen ran to the gateway between worlds with their baby in hand. The Queen's mother, Maritha, keeper and protector of the gateway, was given the baby. After, saying their goodbyes the baby and her grandmother descended into the gateway leading them to Earth (without naming the baby). The baby was to grow not having the knowledge of her parents or her world. And her parents were sentenced to death by the hand of the vicious creatures. Following after their death, the legendary oracles foretold that one day the Princess was to return and bring the land back together in peace and harmony.

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  • Once upon a time, there lived a king , a ruthless demon named Tarrant, and a queen, a beautiful angel named Zarina, who ruled all over the mystical kingdom of Aargon. With the union of all of the mystical creatures finally in tact their world was in peace. Until.....
  • The queen and king had a baby girl. She was the light of their life, but she was not meant to live in their world for a great evil wanted her dead. For she held power unlike any other. They went to the oracle to see the fate and destiny of their nameless daughter. And were told that they would die but she would live. The Oracle gifted her with the legendary amethyst gem that would protect her.
  • The King's best friend who was full of hatred and evil rebelled against him. He summoned the true darkness of hell and reeked havoc on the kingdom with his allies in tow. He took over the kingdom and it fell into darkness.
  • The king and queen rushed to Frea, the portal keeper and the queen's mother. They gave her the baby and told her to take it to the other world (Earth) and raise her to be strong. For one day she will return and reclaim her throne. Before, they could forever say goodbye they named the child Angelique and gave her the gifted necklace.
  • The king and queen were captured and executed. And the kingdom was put into total darkness as Titus ruled over all.
  • Now the kingdom waits dormant and in darkness for their light, their princess to return.
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