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Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • GW:Whiskey Rebellion
  • GW: Challenges in the West
  • TJ:The British abuse American Ships
  • George Washington showed good leadership on July 1794. Congress had passed a tax on whiskey and farmers were upset and a mob attacked tax collectors and burned down buildings. Washington had found out and sent federal troops. His action ended up leaving a strong message to the public. On page 270 it states "Washington sent federal troops to meet the new challenge. His action sent a strong message to the public: The government would use force to maintain order."
  • TJ: The Louisiana Purchase
  • After the Whiskey Rebellion Washington began to worry about the Europeans interest on the northwest territory. Eventually the Natives and Americans fought. Washington then decided to use force and send army with St. Clair leading it but it didn't go out to well and then sent Anthony Wayne and he led the army to victory. In the text, page 271 it states "Again, Washington decided to use force...In August 1794, Wayne's army defeated more than 1,000 Native Americans."
  • The British really needed sailors for the navy war. They began to stop ships and search for British deserters to return to the British navy as well as taking American citizens. Jefferson wouldn't tolerate this and would banned some trading with Britain. On page 309 it states "Congress passed the Embargo act in December 1807. An Embargo prohibits trade with another country ."
  • When Jefferson was going through the Louisiana purchase it showed that he wanted to expand his territory so that there would be more room and space for the Americans to live on as well as growing wealthy. On page
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