Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Bilbo just stole a gold cup from Smaug the dragon. Smaug was outraged and trapped the dwarves. He's going back to the dragon's lair to see if he can figure out Smaug's weak spot.
  • Old Smaug is asleep. He can hear or see me. Cheer up Bilbo!
  • Bilbo puts on the magic ring to turn invisible. He hopes to sneak up on the sleeping Smaug.
  • Bilbo sticks his head in the door and is surprised to find Smaug awake, merely pretending to sleep.
  • Hello thief. I can smell you, I know you are there.
  • I know you are with the dwarves.
  • Oh Smaug the Tremendous! I'm not a thief. I came to see how great you are.
  • Ha! Did you really believe they'd give you a fair share of the treasure. And How do you suppose you'll get it out of this cave?
  • Revenge! Ha! I am strong and powerful. No sword can pierce my armor.
  • What if the dwarves set me up to fail?...
  • We came for revenge most importantly!
  • Fool! There's a bare patch in his armor on his chest!
  • Well I really must be going now. Dragons need their rest... and so do burglars.
  • Wow! Amazing! Magnificent! Flawless!
  • Look for yourself!.What do you say to that?