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Maths Assessment
Updated: 9/16/2020
Maths Assessment
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  • The Government has told me this is a private residency house which means I need to find the angle of elevation of this building so the go government cant build a wall in front of it for privacy
  • 12.5
  • My answer is TAN^-1(12.5/10)=51.34°
  • Distance=10m
  • Hmm... I think I will use SOH for this.
  • 15m
  • TAN(x)=15/8TAN^-1(15/8)x=61.9°
  • the height of the house is 12.5m and the distance between the house and the wall he wants to build he now has to use TOA to find the angle of elevation. Once I complete this question the governemnt will give me $125000
  • Hello, We need you to come back and help us find the hypotuse for the ladder we will give extra $$$
  • I'll be on my way! Make sure it's good money.
  • Ladder Company
  • 15m
  • A Ladder Company contacted Mr Javid Karimi saying they need to manufacture a ladder for a consumer. Mr Javid Karimi is going to be using TOA to find the hyptonuse so they know how high to make the ladder. I'm also going to be using SOH to find the angle of the ladder. And I will earn $125000 for this.
  • Cos(61.9)=15/xx= 15/cos(61.9°)=31.85m
  • x
  • So, the hypotunse is 31.85m
  • The height of the house is 15m and the base is 8m and Mr Javid Karimi needs to find the hypontuse so he could get the money. But first he needs to find the degree
  • 8m
  • x
  • The Ladder Company contacted Mr Javid Karimi to tell him he needs to find the hypontuse of the triangle and if he does he gets extra money. Mr Javid Karimi came to a conclusion that he's going to use CAH to find the hypotunse
  • Mr Javid Karimi solved the problem so now the ladder company can manufacture a ladder for this house with perfect measurements. The ladder compant gave an extra $5000. So in total the ladder company gave Javid $17500
  • 8m
  • 61.9°
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