The Family of Wolves and the Magic Hunter!
Updated: 6/7/2018
The Family of Wolves and the Magic Hunter!

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  • One day in a lovely in the forest a magical wolf was taking a nap when.....
  • I'm awake....wait where are Katipup and Kawaii- cun?
  • Aph wake up...
  • Aph we need to find them NOW!
  • A magic hunter was walking in the forest  when he found Katipup and Kawaii-cun!
  • You will not hurt her!
  • What beautiful pups! You two will sell for a lot of money for me! Come here!
  • zzzzzzz...
  • Acorn came just in time to help the little pups...
  • N-nice doggy.....w-we can talk about t-this...AAAAHHHH!
  • The magic hunter grabbed his wand off the ground where it had fallen and ran away...
  • Sorry Acorn.
  • Are you two okay? What happened?
  • Acorn and the wolf pups thought that they had gotten away when......BAM! DARK MAGIC!
  • How could you?
  • When the wolf cubs got back, Aph kissed Acorn and he was healed! And they lived happily ever after!
  • The moral of the story is never go somewhere without telling someone!
  • Kawaii-cun fell asleep in the forest and I went to go find her Sorry if I scared you.
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