Bio project p intro
Updated: 11/5/2018
Bio project p intro
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  • This is No-face, yes, he is also from the movie Spirited Away, but let's look at his  unique traits..
  • No-face has a white mask, composed of many white crystals, as well as some crystalline powder on the surface. Overall, his supernatural material is found to be acidic.
  •  When he moves, he leaves a mysterious trail of colourless, fragrant liquid. If he comes in contact with something 135°C or more, he melts!
  • Being a supernatural entitiy, he was originally discovered in 1925 by ghost hunters J. H. Quace and M. D. Weather
  • He has been known to travel in multiple dimensions. He, as an aberration has been spotted in the R-b spirit dimension, as well as multiple 'L-class' dimensions
  • With his presence in those dimensions, scientists have observed that he possibly plays a role in metabolizing the Nitrogen found throughout the L-class dimensions
  • In the R-b spirit dimension, he has also shown that he may be important for the recent growth and development of the dimension as a whole
  • He has also been involved in the history of this country; he has flexed his capabilities of causing mass destruction, with certain cities becoming completely collapsed under his power
  • Populations the size of countries in ancient times have been wiped out in the past
  • He currently has friends, or 'city spirits' scattered all around the country. And this is how our story begins...
  • Scientists have made a short agreement with him that he will control his powers for the time being
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