King Author Comic Strip
Updated: 1/11/2021
King Author Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition King Uther and Queen Igerna have a child and name him Arthur. Merlin the wizard tells the king that his son will be the greatest king under the heaven. Shortly after Queen Igerna dies.
  • Rising Action Merlin tells King Uther that old foes will soon come back and he should give his son to him to secure his safety. Merlin takes Arthur to Sir Ector where he will be safe and have an older brother named Kane. Uther's foes arrived and poisoned the water and killed Uther.
  • Falling Action Arthur returns and gives Kane the sword. Sir Ector notices the gold engraving on it and announces that Kane is now king. Arthur fears that he has stolen the king's sword and Kane will pay the consequences. Merlin appears and tells Kane to place the sword in the stone and remove it. When Kane is unable to do so the crowd begins to boo. Arthur thinks Kane is in trouble and announces that he is the one that removed the sword. Merlin tells Arthur to remove the sword and he does so with ease. The crowd cheers for him.
  • Rising Action Years later, Kane becomes a knight and trains Arthur to be his apprentice. One Christmas Eve, Merlin places a sword in a rock and says the person who can remove it from the rock is the king. There was also a Knight's tournament being held. Arthur was eager to get to the tournament and forgot to get Kane's sword.
  • Climax Arthur goes to get Kane's sword. On his way, he finds the sword in the stone. He removes it but has no clue that he is now King.
  • Resolution Arthur becomes King of England
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